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04 May 2010

My last day in tragic?

Today marks my last day where I'm suppose to be a UTeM student-lives in Murni appartment.Starting around july where suppose to be my new semester I'll live outside.Yup,we made discussion about this matter and came out with one conclusion-we'll live at TTU,ayer keroh.rented the house,6 buddies including me.

Maybe someone who knows me better might ask-why didn't you live with your parents,shidy??My answer is just simple,sometimes I want to be free, although parents will always in my heart.And that's why I make this decision.

So,maybe this is the last entry for this semester.hopefully we can meet on the next semester.Sayonara and adieu!...wassalam


p/s: smart gak aku hantar post dalam bahasa omputih.Kalau ada silap dalam grammar maafkan aku ek!..ala Muet dulu ak dapat band 3 jerk.

p/s/t: Ni la post terakhir yang dikeudarakan dari pangsapuri Murni.lepas ni dah duduk luar dah!